Allure Best in beauty Revitabrow

Allure Best in Beauty 2014

Allure Best in Beauty 2014 Beauty Award winner Revitabrow! The brand Revitalash® Cosmetics has always been at the intersection of where science meets beauty. This was recently reinforced when RevitaBrow® Advanced received the prestigious and highly coveted Best of Beauty award from Allure magazine for the second year in a row!  In the category of eyes, joined by famous names […]

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What is your skin type

Figuring out what your skin type is could mean you choosing the correct make up or the incorrect one, it could also save you a lot of money instead of throwing away skin care products that are not for your skin type. So a single piece of tissue can help you figure out your skin […]

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skin type

How to analyze your skin

The three things needed to analyze your skin correctly:   1. Bright daylight, as skin reveals itself best in this light. 2. A large handled mirror 3. Your own beautiful face, free of any make up. Step 1 Take an inventory of your skin, the focus should be on the texture, muscle tone, hydration, pigmentation, […]

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How to remove makeup

In this guide we will show you how to correctly remove make up from your face leaving it flawless and breakout free. Lets start with your eyes and how to remove that stubborn eye make up, first saturate a cotton square, it will be less abrasive than a cotton ball, use an oil based remover. […]

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Top 5 beauty skin secrets

Do you want to maintain your skin looking nourished and flawless, here are your five red carpet top skin secrets. 1. A traditional skin cleanser may not get skin 100 percent clean especially If your used to wearing full coverage foundation or SPF 45 or even higher sunscreen. Instead try a cleansing oil, massage it […]

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