skin type

How to analyze your skin

The three things needed to analyze your skin correctly:


1. Bright daylight, as skin reveals itself best in this light.

2. A large handled mirror

3. Your own beautiful face, free of any make up.

Step 1

Take an inventory of your skin, the focus should be on the texture, muscle tone, hydration, pigmentation, pores and capillary strength.

Step 2

Glide your hand across the four primary parts of your face, the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.

Ask yourself these questions!

1. How is your skin texture? Is it soft, smooth or slightly coarse in areas, occasional bumpiness?

2. How is your skin muscle tone? Is it firm with defined facial contours, or less defined facial contours, showing sins of loosening, especially in the lower parts of the face and neckline?

3. Do you have fine expression lines or wrinkles?

How is the skin around your eyes? Taut or is there some wrinkle formation?

4. How is your skin hydration level? Excessive and therefore oil or dehydrated and therefore dry or combination?

5. How is the pigmentation of your skin? Perfectly uniform? Uneven in some facial zones, with brown or white spots, which signify pigment loss?

6. How are the pores in your skin? Most tight and invisible, which typifies dry skin, or more open and visible in the centre of your face, which typifies oily skin?

And finally

7. How strong are the capillaries in your skin? This is basically signified by the number of visible capillaries typically show as redness, particularly in the cheeks, which indicates greater sensitivity to the elements and therefore sensitive skin. The right treatments can gradually strengthen the facial capillaries.


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