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What to do when you get sunburned

What to do if you are sunburnt?

If you always wanted to know what to do if you are sunburnt this is a perfect read for you!

What to do when you get sunburned

If sunscreen irritates the thin, delicate skin around your eyes, it may be that the chemicals are causing a reaction. Try a mineral formula or gentle baby sunscreen instead, you will notice a big difference!

If you are also a frequent flier be sure to slather on sunscreen before every trip, ad choose an aisle seat instead of a window seat. The level of UV rays increases with the altitude on flight!

The top top you need if you want to know what to do if you are sunburnt is when you get sunburned, drink a fruit or vegetable smoothie! This drink will start to get damage-fighting antioxidants flowing to your skin from the inside. Then slip into a cool bath and follow with a layer of chilled aloe vera gel. If you do start to peep, don’t pick-it can hurt healthy skin and even cause scarring! So instead slather on a thick healing ointment!


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Kim kardashian In Dubai

With the recent news of Kim Kardashian In Dubai, we was really excited with our beauty buzz feature on this weeks Revitalash in OK Middle East magazine. ok mag 1ok mag 2

Our last week’s Revitalash advertisement on the inside back cover of OK Magazine was a success and we had so much positive feedback.


Our search for the face of Revitalash in UAE Will commence shortly so keep checking back for our castings shortly.

If you see Kim Kardashian in Dubai be sure to check out her lovely eyelashes! She has been known to love a certain beauty product. . .  REVITALASH!



Allure Best in beauty Revitabrow

Allure Best in Beauty 2014

Allure Best in Beauty 2014 Beauty Award winner Revitabrow!

The brand Revitalash® Cosmetics has always been at the intersection of where science meets beauty. This was recently reinforced when RevitaBrow® Advanced received the prestigious and highly coveted Best of Beauty award from Allure magazine for the second year in a row!  In the category of eyes, joined by famous names like Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, and Channel, RevitaBrow® Advanced was awarded Best Eyebrow Conditioner For 2014.  Allure Best in Beauty Revitabrow allure2

Known throughout the world as “the beauty expert” Allure, after an exhaustive vetting process, carefully selects just one brand for this cherished designation.  The experts have spoken. Again.

Thank you for taken time to read over the Allure Best in Beauty 2014 magazine if you get a chance, Revitabrow Advanced is in stock and available from



Beauty Tip Do not have a facial before a special occasion

Got a special occasion coming up, a graduation? a wedding? a birthday party? Whatever your occasion here is a special occasion secret that you all should take a mental note and remember so your special occasion stays special and not a nightmare. Our Beauty Tip below is for all of you that are prepping yourselves for a special event coming up, Do not have a facial before a special occasion.

The day before a party, don’t risk a facial that can leave you red and raw faced. An at-home mask made with one teaspoon of raw oatmeal and one teaspoon of honey is a much safer bet.

Allow it to sit on your skin for five minutes, then rinse thoroughly “The minerals in oatmeal are soothing and honey hydrates and kills bacteria.


What is your skin type

Figuring out what your skin type is could mean you choosing the correct make up or the incorrect one, it could also save you a lot of money instead of throwing away skin care products that are not for your skin type. So a single piece of tissue can help you figure out your skin type and here is how.

Firstly Wash and dry your face and leave it unmoisturized for up to three hours.

Secondly you want to press a tissue to your face and remove it.

You can tell a lot about your skin type from this simple routine, you have Normal skin if no oil comes off on the tissue and your face doesn’t feel tight or flaky.

You have Dry skin if no oil comes off but your face feels dry, tight or flaky.

You have Oily skin if there’s oil from our nose, forehead and cheeks.

And lastly you have Combination skin if there’s oil from your nose and forehead (The areas of the face with the most oil glands) But not your cheeks. Pick skin care products that are formulated for your skin type.