What to do when you get sunburned

What to do if you are sunburnt?

If you always wanted to know what to do if you are sunburnt this is a perfect read for you!

What to do when you get sunburned

If sunscreen irritates the thin, delicate skin around your eyes, it may be that the chemicals are causing a reaction. Try a mineral formula or gentle baby sunscreen instead, you will notice a big difference!

If you are also a frequent flier be sure to slather on sunscreen before every trip, ad choose an aisle seat instead of a window seat. The level of UV rays increases with the altitude on flight!

The top top you need if you want to know what to do if you are sunburnt is when you get sunburned, drink a fruit or vegetable smoothie! This drink will start to get damage-fighting antioxidants flowing to your skin from the inside. Then slip into a cool bath and follow with a layer of chilled aloe vera gel. If you do start to peep, don’t pick-it can hurt healthy skin and even cause scarring! So instead slather on a thick healing ointment!


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