Top 5 beauty skin secrets

Do you want to maintain your skin looking nourished and flawless, here are your five red carpet top skin secrets.

1. A traditional skin cleanser may not get skin 100 percent clean especially If your used to wearing full coverage foundation or SPF 45 or even higher sunscreen. Instead try a cleansing oil, massage it over dry skin to dissolve hard to remove products, then simply use a regular cleanser to wash your face.

2. If you notice you have dry skin that is particularly flaky, consider changing up your routine and washing your face with dandruff shampoo instead of your regular cleanser once a month. This you will notice will reduce the yeast levels that cause scaly skin on your face.

3. Use a cream cleanser that contains NIACIN to help with dark spots, Niacin has been proven to increase cell turnover, ridding skin of dead cells that contain excess pigment. For best results, apply the cleanser directly to dry skin, then rinse.

4. A good eye cream is really important especially when you’re travelling! You always notice those dark puffy circles around your eyes when your extremely busy and stressed.

5. To get rid of facial fuzz use a gentle strip-less wax, which are made for smaller areas than strip waxes.

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